Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do your CV writers have?

Our CV writers are INSIDERS - current Hiring Managers, Career Coaches and Human Resource professionals, from across 40+ industries in India, Western Europe and the United States. They have, on average, 18 years of experience in their respective industry. We've written a little over 11,000 CVs over the years.

How does the CV writing process work? How long does it take?

Once you purchase a package, we match your profile to a suitable INSIDER, i.e. someone from your (target) industry. They will then rewrite your CV from scratch. For Starter and Pro packages, you should expect to have your CV delivered in 5 business days. For the Executive package, please allow us 7 business days.

Why do I need a professionally-written CV?

Great question! Finding a job today is a full-time job in and of itself. With the average job ad receiving 270 applications (sometimes even more), it is imperative that your CV reach a human being. Unfortunately, most professionals lose out here due to a less-than-perfect CV. Our team comprises highly experienced, current hiring managers, career coaches and human resources professionals - the best people to actually write your CV. We know how to optimise your CV and have it pass the applicant tracking service (ATS) to reach a human being. At YourBestCV, each CV is crafted from scratch, without the use of templates. We've been doing this a long time and know what it takes to help you land an interview. And all this, for less than a week's pay.

Does a cover letter really make any difference?

Absolutely. In our 20+ years of experience, we've found that candidates with cover letters are 50% more likely to secure an interview. Ultimately, a beautifully-crafted cover letter shows just how interested you are in the job and separates you from the crowds. We write each cover letter from scratch, for a specific job ad.

Why do I need a great LinkedIn profile?

We find that over 92% of employers regularly use LinkedIn as a tool to search for and vet candidates. Not having a LinkedIn profile today is almost like not having an email address. A stellar LinkedIn profile shows that you are a high-performing, serious candidate who will drive tremendous value for your future employer.

In what format will you return my CV?

We return Microsoft Word and PDF copies of your CV.

What do you do with my data?

Beyond working on your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile, nothing. We do not sell or share any of your data with any third-party. We occasionally send out promotional emails OR relevant info about the whole job search process. That's all, promise!

I still have doubts!

Feel free to email us at and we will answer all your doubts.

What is a CV?

Curriculum vitae, quite literally 'course of life', from Latin. A CV is a concise document that highlights your professional experiences, accomplishments, education and career goals. Today, your CV is your personal brand. Reason enough for it to be truly world-class.

What industries do you cover?

Over the years we have crafted CVs for professionals from the following industries: Information Technology and Services Retail Financial Services Accounting Hospitality, Hotels and Restaurants Internet and E-Commerce Food Technology (Food-tech) Financial Technology (Fin-tech) Education Technology (Ed-tech) Real Estate Telecommunications Oil, Gas and Energy Insurance Pharmaceuticals Management Consulting Private Equity and Venture Capital Civil Engineering Logistics & Supply Chain Research and Design Transportation Services Aviation and Airlines Consumer Goods Architecture and Planning Law Practices Non-profit Organisation Management Entertainment Media and Journalism Apparel Fashion Food Production Leisure, Travel and Tourism Cosmetics and Beauty Products Medical Devices and Medical Services Industrial Automation Higher Education Textiles International Trade and Development Consumer Electronics Conference and Event Services Computer Hardware If you do not see your target industry here, please write to us at

What is the 60 day interview guarantee?

Our customers trust us to drive results - and results mean interviews. If you do not receive a job interview within 60 days of receiving your professionally-written CV, we will write it once again, free-of-charge. Please ensure to notify us via email within 90 days of your original purchase. Only PRO and EXECUTIVE packages are currently eligible for the interview guarantee.

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